Content for class "CM300" Goes Here"CHECCHI & MAGLI" company was founded in 1976, assuming its brand-name from its founders, Mr. Nerio Checchi and Mr. Giovanni Magli, who are still engaged in the company's commercial and technological development.In the first years of its foundation the activity was aimed at the design and manufacture of machines for the cultivation and harvesting of potato's.

F300L Potatoe Seeder

This semi-automatic planter is driven by its own driving wheels, and has been designed for seeding potatoes and other tubers or bulbs, whole or cut High planting output per hour, working method saving costs,and exceptional working precision make of this machine an excellent implement for mechanizing potato planting, in fact it adjusts the seeding depth, the seeding frequency and the distance between rows.The F300L must be applied to three point linkage of tractors or small tractors.

The F300L potato planter,available from one to four-rows models,is equipped with a large alveolar plate for high working speed and with two rounded discs on each working element which cover over the planted tubers.The drive unit, with the respective quick clutch gears, allows adjustment of seeding rate from 14 cm. to 28 cm., over by request.

Sp100 Potatoe Lifter

The SP 100 potato lifter has been designed for digging potatoes or other tubers from any kind of soil, even on heavy gradient land. The machine is equipped with two alternately-oscillating sieves, which shake the dirt off of the potatoes and deposit the clean potatoes on the ground in a single row. The shaped share and front conveyor discs allow SP 100 to work even around very leafy crops or in weed-infested areas.The SP 100 must be applied to three point linkage of small tractors or tractors.

Dual 12 Gold

A single operator can simultaneously fill two paired rows of transplant Use: semiautomatic for tapered and pyramid-shaped clod plants up to 4cm in 0. Driven by rubber driving wheels. Plant magazine: standard equipment includes a rotary troy holder for each transplant unit, capacity 4trays (extra ones on request).

Distribution system:

Horizontal rotating with 12 opening bottoms cups with quincunx paired-rows distribution of plants. Soil adaptation: independent and floating transplant units. High range parallelogram for a constant horizontality, reversible and adjustable spring in order to increase or reduce the weight on the pocking wheels, front flex adjustable wheels and jointly liable with the cross-joint. New cross-joint with high sensitivity.

Automatic disengagement:

In case of accidental stoppage with automatic and self-timing re-engagement.

Plant Control:

Device for precise and Constant planting.

Packing wheels:

In metal (on request in rubber flex) bi-convergent with triple regulation for an optimal earthing up.

Furrow-opening plough share:

Rapid release with anti-release device. Wheel scrapers: high efficiency with double adjustment (height and incidence).

T R I U M :
To t a l - c o n t r o l transplanter.

Semiautomatic for tapered and pyramid-shaped clod plants up to 3 cm in diameter * driven by tyred driving wheels. Suitable for plants with very developed leaves (e.g. tobacco, tomato, cabbage, etc...). The transplant units are independent and modular. The 10-cup rotating distributor ensures high output and standards of comfort for the operator. * 6 cm only with special kit optional Estimated production: 4500-5000 plants per hour each row (6/7000 with 12 holes distributor)

All functions are accessible, adjustable and controllable.

  • Distribution system: horizontal rotating with 10 x large-capacity fully opening cups and distribution extension in equipment
  • Plant Control: device for precise and continuous planting.
  • Settling wheels: bi-convergent with triple adjustment for perfect ridging.
  • Furrow-opening plough share: rapid-release with anti release
  • Four-bar linkage: large range for constant horizontal positioning, reversible spring to increase and reduce the weight of the settling wheels, adjustable front flex wheel.
  • Wheel scraper: high efficiency with double adjustment (height and incidence).
  • Planting depth: practical adjustment and large range
  • Automatic disengagement: in case of accidental stoppage with automatic and self-timing re-engagement.