Multivator FP2 In-Row Cultivators/Rotary Tillers The Multivator is a high clearance rotary tillage machine designed for inter-row cultivation of vegetable, fruit, nursery and field crops. Control weeds, improve soil conditions, and reduce your dependence on herbicides. There are Multivator models to suit every individual's needs from 1 row to 6 row configurations with tractor requirements ranging from 15-150hp. The Multivator is customer assembled to suit your needs. Optional equipment can also be added to your Inside view of Multivator FP2 In-Row Cultivators/Rotary Tillers Multivator such as fertilizer hopper, ridger assemblies, and a steering guide. The light duty FL, medium duty FP, and the heavy duty FPSR machines are all available in high clearance as well. The FL is designed primarily to suit tractors between 15 and 50 hp in light soil conditions. The FP is suitable for 25 to 100hp and average soil conditions while the FPSR it designed for 50 to 150hp in heavy soil. The FPSR is also widely used as a strip tiller.