Key features of Ocmis Irrigation Reels.

  • PE HOSE: top quality PE hose manufactured to resist very heavy drags and high working pressures.
  • Ocmis r2- irrigation reels
  • DRUM: engineered to guarantee maximum structural strength painted with epoxy primer and polyurethane compound paint using vanguard techniques
  • FRAME: chassis made of steel box section assembled and welded by robots and then hot dipped galvanized.
  • HOSE GUIDE SYSTEM: the scroll bar system guarantees a perfect layering of the polyethylene hose and reduces hose wear to a minimum.
  • TROLLEY: sprinkler trolley available in 2 wheel - 4 wheel or 5 wheel versions according to model. All have adjustable track. Different versions of trolleys are available to meet the most varied work conditions.
  • STABILIZING LEGS: mechanical or hydraulic operation telescopic legs guarantee the stability of the machine.
  • HOSE-GUIDE FORKS: double rail forks prevent the hose guide system from any mis-alignment.
  • Ocmis micro rain irrigation reels
  • DRUM SUPPORTS: from structure R3 on, drums are supported by large, water-proof bearings increasing drum life.
  • GEARBOX: 3-4-6 speed operation in an oil-bath gearbox fitted with tempered, hardened, and rectified shafts. Shafts are designed to operate in the toughest working conditions.
  • TURBINE: choke-flow turbine, having an outlet perpendicular to the by-passed entry. The turbine impeller is mounted directly on to the inlet shaft of gearbox. This advance design system reduces the head loss to give a wider speed range even when the flow and the inlet pressure of the machine are low.
  • TACHOMETER: tachometer is a standard accessory to the irrigator, starting from structure R3. Retraction speed can be instantly read-out.

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